The Soundtrack

The book The Sound Track by Rens Machielse deals with the power of the soundtrack and focuses on its design for a feature film, commercial or documentary. It is written for anyone who wants to work with sound and music in these kinds of productions, primarily art students and young professionals. The book also serves as a reference book for those already working in the field of music and sound for media, and it is certainly also intended for (future) producers, directors and editors. The text is based on the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained by the author as a lecturer, researcher and freelance composer for audiovisual media. What does the soundtrack do with the experience of a film? How does the whole of dialogue, music and sound ensure that the viewer is immersed into the film and sympathizes, even in a physical sense, with the emotions of characters?

Auteur: Rens Machielse
ISBN: 9789064038921
Publicatiejaar: 2020

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